Friday, November 9, 2007

Creative Session

The best and brightest of Maui's young artists gathered at Kihei Charter School on November 9, 2007 to begin cusomizing Every Day Light: A celebration of the International Year of the Reef 2008. Mahalo to participants: Forrest, Toby (all the way from Hana), Bailey, Dana, Heather, Colton, Rachel, Kyla, Courtney & Tyer for attending. The participants met one another, previewed IMax film Coral Reef Adventures, showcased their art & learned about the cultural significance of the reef with the ever fabulous Kawai Kuluhiwa.

After individually creating a design about what they wish to see preserved in our ocean, the members formed four groups and each group developed a design with the overall theme of celebrating and preserving our precious reef. The participants had many wonderful ideas...stay tuned to Every Day Light to see how this creativity and dedication manifests into a beautful mirror and tile mosaic.

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